Oil processing wastewater treatment technology

The wastewater produced by grain and oil enterprises is mainly leach section wastewater, refining workshop hydration wastewater, alkali refining wastewater, cooling water, ground flushing water, etc. This kind of wastewater is composed of complex ingredients, mainly containing saponin, phospholipid, protein, oil, pigment and other substances, with high concentration of organic pollutants, large oil content, impurities and other characteristics, great harm to the environment, treatment difficulty is high. Due to the different processing technology of different grain and oil products, the pollution load is also different. The oil composition in sewage includes suspended oil, emulsified oil, dissolved oil, and phospholipid and soap feet. The COD concentration can be as high as 40,000 mg/L sometimes, but its biochemical property is good.

According to the characteristics of grain and oil processing oil wastewater, our company adopts the treatment process of "oil separation + air flotation" to remove suspended oil from oil separation, followed by air flotation to remove emulsified oil; The "hydrolysis +AO" process is adopted to reduce the pollutants in the wastewater, and the coagulation-precipitation process is adopted in the final depth to ensure that the wastewater treatment meets the discharge standards. The effluent can reach the following indexes: CODcr≤100mg/l, BOD5≤30mg/l, SS≤20mg/l, NH3-N≤15mg/l, TN≤25mg/l, TP≤1.0mg/l.


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