Pharmaceutical and chemical industry wastewater treatment technology

Pharmaceutical and chemical wastewater is an industry problem. Huatai Environment conducts source treatment for this kind of wastewater and selects different pretreatment processes for wastewater discharged from different workshops. The wastewater is mixed and adjusted after respective pretreatment processes, and then enters the biochemical treatment system. Through temperature and pH control, the biochemical reaction reaches the highest removal rate, and finally the wastewater enters the advanced treatment to realize the stable discharge of wastewater up to the standard.

 This kind of wastewater mainly adopts the process of "pretreatment (air flotation/micro-electrolysis/Fenton/ozone) + hydrolytic acidification + anaerobic (UASB/EGSB/IC) + aerobic (AO/ two-stage AO/AAO/ biological contact oxidation) + advanced treatment (coagulation/Fenton)". This technology chooses different process routes according to different water quality. It not only optimizes the process route, but also forms a set of mature industrialization solutions, and completely solves the industry problem that high-concentration industrial wastewater cannot be discharged stably up to the standard.


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