Laboratory wastewater treatment equipment

​The laboratory wastewater treatment equipment is based on the different nature of wastewater, and different treatment processes are selected. The water quality of domestic wastewater is usually stable, and the general treatment methods are acidification, aerobic biological treatment, disinfection, etc. However, laboratory wastewater should be reasonably designed and selected according to the specific water quality. The degree of sewage treatment depends on the water quality characteristics of the sewage, the destination of the treated water and the self-purification ability of the sewage flowing into the water body.

Product characteristics

  1、Wide practicality: it can be used for the wastewater treatment of various laboratories;

  2、High-tech: Diversified treatment and purification of wastewater with various technologies to meet the discharge standard;

  3、High degree of automation: through centralized control, high degree of automation, simple operation, fully automatic operation, no need for manned duty;

  4、Integrated protection function: it can realize the function of timed switching on and off, no wastewater protection function and liquid level protection function of storage tank;

  5、 Low operating costs: modular integrated technology, good treatment effect, no secondary pollution such as waste residue and waste water, low operating costs;

  6、 Environmental protection design: the system has the characteristics of acid and alkali corrosion resistance, low noise, low power consumption, multiple safety protection;

  7、 Intelligent integrated management: through the "one-stop" integrated design, beautiful appearance, small footprint, easy to centralize management;

Scope of application

The wastewater treatment generated by the experimental testing center of institutions, scientific research institutes, CDC, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, central blood station, product quality inspection, environmental monitoring, agricultural technology center, outpatient medical examination center, inspection and quarantine bureau, biopharmaceuticals, oilfield petrochemicals, enterprises and other industries.


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