Magnetic coagulation integration equipment

​The integrated equipment for magnetic coagulation and sedimentation is based on traditional flocculation and sedimentation, and magnetic seeds are added to the process to efficiently co settle with the flocs. The effective combination of magnetic seeds with suspended solids and colloids ultimately forms high-density flocs. By relying on the principle of gravity and inclined plate sedimentation, rapid flocculation of pollutants can be achieved, increasing the surface load of sedimentation tanks, shortening hydraulic retention time, and significantly improving treatment efficiency and effluent quality. At the same time, this integrated equipment for magnetic coagulation and sedimentation has added an optimized diatomite adsorption zone at the front end of the system, enhancing its ability to handle pollution indicators such as total phosphorus, COD, and chromaticity. This equipment breaks through the limitations of traditional flocculation and sedimentation technology applied in large

Product performance

  1. High treatment efficiency, good effluent quality, and stable operation

  2. Efficient phosphorus removal and suspended solids

               3. The removal efficiency of non soluble COD is high, with an increase of over 20% compared to conventional coagulation sedimentation;

  4. Fast settling speed, up to 40m/h, and short residence time:

  5. Reduce the dosage of medication by more than one-third;

  6. Magnetic seeds can be recycled with a recovery rate of over 99%

  7. Small footprint;

  8. High degree of automation, simple operation and maintenance

  9. Remote monitoring is possible

  10. Low operating costs.

Applicable scope

1. Domestic sewage treatment: first level A standard upgrading renovation, phosphorus removal from the supernatant of the sludge concentration tank;

2. Industrial wastewater treatment: high phosphorus and high SS primary treatment, biochemical effluent deep treatment, and mine water treatment

3. Black and odorous river channel: rapid reduction of SS, TP, COD and other indicators

4. Landscape water management: rapid reduction of SS, TP, COD and other indicators:

5. Domestic drinking water supply treatment: primary treatment, sludge concentration supernatant/filter backwash water recovery.


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