High-density Sedimentation Tank Integrated Device

High density sedimentation tank is a kind of solid-liquid separation device, which will strengthen flocculation, sludge circulation, sludge concentration and inclined tube sedimentation in several adjacent tanks, so as to optimize hydraulic load and treatment effect, short residence time, fast rising flow rate and good effluent quality. It has been widely used in the fields of municipal drainage, industrial water supply, and wastewater treatment.

Product performance

  1. High load, compact structure, and small footprint

  2. High processing efficiency.

  3. Low operating costs.

  4. The significant change in the concentration of suspended solids in the influent has little impact on the effluent.

  5. It has the function of sludge concentration.

  6. Large scale, using concrete structures, small to medium-sized, compact modular equipment.

  Applicable scope

  1. Wastewater treatment: SS removal, phosphorus removal, primary and tertiary clarification

  2. Water supply treatment: clarification, membrane softening, filter backwash water treatment, organic matter removal.

  3. Industrial water treatment: removal of SS, COD, hardness, and heavy metals.


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