Peripheral drive mud scraper

​The peripheral drive mud scraper is a commonly used sedimentation tank mud scraping equipment in urban water plants and urban sewage treatment plants. Adopting middle water inlet and sludge discharge, and surrounding drainage to ensure uniform water flow.

Product advantage

1.The bottom of the pool scraping mud, water skimming. The driving device adopts shaft mounted gear reduction motor and driving roller direct transmission, compact structure, high mechanical efficiency;

  2.Parallel dislocation line scraping board, good continuity, high mud collection efficiency; Stainless steel scraping board at the bottom of the scraping rubber board, to ensure that scraping mud thoroughly clean, there will be no floating mud phenomenon.

  3.When the bottom slope ratio is 1:10, the sludge resistance can be ignored; Special hinged structure, strong overload capacity.

  4.The main beam is made of square steel with high structural strength and spray paint after hot dip galvanizing, which has strong anti-corrosion performance.

5.Simple operation, remote control can be realized.

Applicable scope

Peripheral drive mud scraper can be widely used in urban, chemical, textile, metallurgy and other industries of sewage treatment projects. Its structure is reasonable, high efficiency, convenient operation and maintenance, is a kind of ideal sewage treatment engineering facilities.


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