UASB Anaerobic reactor

UASB reactor is the second generation anaerobic reactor, which is a compact structured anaerobic reactor integrating biological reaction and sedimentation. It consists of inlet water distribution system, sludge reaction area, gas-liquid-solid three-phase separator (including sedimentation area), gas chamber, and drainage.

Product composition

  1.Inlet water distribution system: the raw wastewater entering the reactor is evenly distributed to the whole cross section of the reactor and rises evenly; it plays the role of hydraulic mixing. 2.Reaction area: the main part of UASB reactor, including granular sludge area and suspended sludge area.

3.Three-phase separator: It consists of sedimentation area, reflux seam and gas seal, and its function is to separate three phases such as gas (biogas), solid (sludge) and liquid (wastewater).

4.Gas chamber: also called gas collector, its function is to collect the generated biogas and export it to the gas chamber to the biogas cabinet.

Product advantages

1.Organic load ranks first in the second generation reactors. 2. Sludge granulation enhances the reactor's resistance to adverse conditions.

3.Simplify the process and save on investment and running costs.

4. Improve volume utilisation and avoid blockage problems.

Scope of application

1.Organic wastewater from food processing, brewing, sugar making, starch, monosodium glutamate, alcohol waste, etc;

2. Wastewater generated from tanning, fur processing, etc.

3.Paper and pulp wastewater.

4.Wastewater from slaughtering and wool processing.

5.Textile printing and dyeing wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, municipal wastewater, etc.


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