Air flotation

The principle of air flotation machine is to dissolve a large amount of air into the water body, and after decompression, a large number of fine bubbles are formed, and the bubbles form an adhesion effect with the suspended substances. Suspended matter is adsorbed by the tiny bubbles, coalesce together and float to the water surface with the bubbles. Under the action of the scraper, the floating slag is separated from the water body, and the heavier impurities will sink to the bottom and be discharged regularly through the sewage system.

Performance advantages

  1、Compact structure, small footprint.

  2、The micro bubbles produced are small and uniform.

  3, superior performance, stable and reliable treatment effect.

  4、Easy installation, simple operation, easy to master.

  5、High concentration of floating slag, less mud production, easy to dewater.

  6、Good water effect, low investment, fast results.

  7、Advanced technology, reasonable design, low operating costs, etc.

Scope of application

Air floatation machine can be widely used in industrial wastewater treatment of grain and oil, slaughtering, breeding, papermaking, printing and dyeing, electroplating, chemical, food, oil refining, etc.


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