Slaughter wastewater treatment technology

Slaughtering wastewater mainly comes from enclosure rinsing, showering, slaughtering and floor rinsing of other workshops, hair boiling, cutting, carcass repairing,washing oil and oil processing, etc.It contains a lot of blood, fur, broken meat, viscera, undigested food and feces and other pollutants.It has a high concentration of suspended solids, is reddish brown, high chromaticity and distinct odor.The wastewater has good biodegradability and generally does not contain heavy metals and toxic chemicals.It is rich in protein and oil, which is a typical organic wastewater, and its COD is between 1500-3000mg/L.

According to the quality of this kind of wastewater,simple aerobic or anaerobic treatment cannot meet the requirements of treatment. In the specific project design, we adopted the process of "regulating tank + air float + hydrolytic acidification tank +A/A/O reaction tank". Practice has proved that the process is not only economical and reasonable, stable operation, but also high treatment efficiency.The effluent can reach the following indexes: CODcr≤120mg/l, BOD5≤60mg/l, SS≤120mg/l, NH3-N≤25mg/l, TP≤3.0mg/l.


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