Core advantages
——A comprehensive solution for one-stop sewage treatment——
Improving efficiency
The group has 8 modern production workshops
Technology reduces costs
Huatai has established a research and development center, integrating scientific research
Safe and reliable
Over 30 years of experience in mechanical equipment manufacturing
Intelligent PLC multi platform operation in one
Huatai Sewage Treatment Project
Urban domestic sewage treatment engineering
High degree of automation, combined with Huatai Environmental Protection's independently developed smart water platform, can achieve unmanned operation and reduce costs
Industrial wastewater treatment project

Fast reaction speed, simple process flow, and long service life
Village and town domestic sewage treatment project
It has good coagulation, high chromaticity and COD removal rate, and simple process operation for easy maintenance
Reclaimed water reuse project
Efficient solid-liquid separation, small footprint, good effluent quality, generally without the need for tertiary treatment for reuse
Huatai Project Proposal Quotation
We provide you with a comprehensive and advantageous solution
Equipment maintenance
Pre evaluation
Professional design
Process optimization
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